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UVGI-based Room Disinfection device developed by IIT-Ropar for CORONA VIRUS


India’s first of its kind UVGI-based room disinfectant device is said to be developed by IIT-Ropar. ‘UVSAFE’ is 99.99% effective in disinfecting all bacteria and viruses as claimed by IIT-Ropar.

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The UV Safe has been conceptualized and designed by Dr. Khushboo Rakhaand Dr. Naresh Rakha with technical support from Dr. Shahriar Reza.
Source: tribuneindia

The device uses and harnesses the germicidal effects of UV-C radiation to disinfect the bacteria and viruses. The device is conceptualized and designed by Khushboo Rakha, assistant Professor at IIT-Ropar along with Naresh Rakha and Shahriar Reza.

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The device has been tested and approved by FICCI and NABL. The testing was done in New Delhi and the design is patented by the institute.


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