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Grammarly Review 2023: What should you use Free or Premium?


Do you want to improve your writing skill? Do you want to write error free contents? Whether you’re writing a book or crafting a professional email, or submitting a paper having professional proofreading software can be a lifesaver. With so many different sets of editing software, resume software and Grammarly is good enough for proofreading and can impact your writing skill. An online tool that helps you grammar check and avoids the errors in your content.

I found Grammarly a few years ago, and it helps me improve the spelling check, proofreading articles or blogs, grammar check, and punctuation check. Today, in this blog, we discuss the use of the Grammarly free version and Premium version.

Today we’ll discuss how exactly Grammarly working and what can do for you as well as the difference between the free version and
the premium version, and I’ll show you how I use Grammarly in my work life and daily life.

Grammarly is my favorite proofreading software; it helps check and monitor my online writing like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogging, and even forums. Grammarly helps you write a proper resume, write a good email, write an essay, and start creating a blog.

Today in this Grammarly review, I focused mostly on Grammarly’s free vs. Premium as I’ve had a subscription to Grammarly Premium.

Today in this Grammarly review, I focused mostly on Grammarly’s free vs. Premium as I’ve had a subscription to Grammarly Premium.

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Perfect your grammar with Grammarly: Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing

  • Instant Writing Assistant
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Switch anytime between US English and British English

What should you take for your blogging career? Grammarly Free or Grammarly Premium?

There’s the Grammarly browser extension, which protects me from stupid mistakes while crafting my contents. Grammarly personal editor app or an online version where you can either use it to type your documents, books or papers to copy and paste documents into it or drag and drop them into Grammarly inside of here. Grammarly Apps also available for Microsoft Office, Windows (desktop app), Mobile, and iPad.

There are two different versions of Grammarly, free and premium. With the free version, you can get access to the:

  • Browser extension to check the Spelling, Grammer, Punctuation, Conciseness.
  • Personal Editor via desktop app
  • Microsoft word and Outlook plugin (only P.C.)

With the Premium Version, you can get access to the:

  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
  • Tone adjustments
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Fluency
  • Advanced suggestions

Note: This is not a sponsored content. In this article, we have added the Grammarly Affiliate Links which means, I earn a small amount if you install the Grammarly Extension to your web browser and sign up.
If you are going with the Grammarly premium account, the link details are below.

I only recommended the products I use and trust. I am only sharing my honest review here.
Let’s Get Start.

What Does Grammarly Do:

Grammarly is a free tool for checking the several types of errors inside your content. Grammarly is an extension for web browsers that automatically detect errors with its AI system.

4 best Grammarly Features (Free Version):

Spell check: Grammarly AI technology detects Spell errors and gives you a suggestion on how to write error-free.

grammarly spelling check

Grammer: It detects grammar mistakes and suggests a real-time solution on how to improve it.


Punctuation: If you are unaware of any punctuation mark, Grammarly suggests you the best solution for rectifying it.


Conciseness: Make your sentence shorter and easy to use on every standard of work. Grammarly suggests you better.


It will help you edit your work, suggestions, real-time insight about the Clarity, Correctness, and readability score. This is extremely helpful for a new blogger, editor, resume writer, news writer, authors, business persons, and students. Grammarly offers settings specific to Australian English, American English, British English, and many more languages.


The Premium version is also useful for students and other professionals. You can take out a subscription for one month, use it for your work, and if you don’t like it, then cancel if you need to.

Let's discuss the features of Grammarly Premium:

Clarity-focused sentence rewrites: Grammarly detects the hard to read a sentence and give you a suggestion for easy to write.

Tone adjustments: Eliminate the unnecessary words and adding the appropriate words to it. It gives a good suggestion to make a sentence shorter and easy to read.

Plagiarism detection: Plagiarism is an important topic for every blogger, news writer, book writer nowadays. Everyone is searching for unique content ideas every day to avoid duplicity of content. Grammarly helps you to detect the plagiarized content for your blog.

Word choice: It helps you to find a better word choice.

Formality level: It gives you a suggestion of an appropriate tone if you forget to write the proper word. Instead of write shortcut words, it will help you to suggest the best word.

Fluency: It suggests you write the fluent word that gives perfection to the content.

How Grammarly Works:

Click on this link to create a Grammarly account for free, start a tour to the Grammarly editor. Grammarly is a good Grammer checker tool. Below is the Dashboard of the Grammarly Desktop App (Premium version).

Click New/Upload to start a new document and set goals. Here you can copy and paste the entire articles or upload the word document file into Grammarly.


How Grammarly Works:

You can set your writing goals based upon your:

  • Audience: Measure your audience’s expertise on the products. Whether they are Experts or knowledgeable
  • Formality: Formal behavior or Neutral Behaviour
  • Domain: Whether contents are Technical, Business, Academics, Casual or any other format
  • Tone: How do you want to sound? Respectful, Joyful, Friendly, confident, etc.
  • Intent: Are you writing a story or it’s information.

The Premium version of Grammarly delivers you based on these goals. If you want to write your notes, you can use Grammarly as your primary writing app. Writing directly inside Grammarly, it can start detecting the errors and helps you to find the mistakes. You can use H1, H2, adding links are available inside the tool.

Note: If you a WordPress blogger user, Grammarly supports these platforms.

Grammarly Suggestions:

After uploading your text, this proofreading tool underlines the mistakes and give you a suggestion. Grammarly Premium also provides you with a detailed suggestion for free versions such as the sentence structure and writing errors.


Grammarly Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism checker is an important tool for writers and bloggers as they are always concerned about the content duplicacy. Blogger and content marketer always use this tool for creating the text original with 100% Plagiarism free.

Grammarly Premium allows these features to check the content duplicacy and suggest the original resource page.


How much does Grammarly Cost?

The premium version of Grammarly comes with 2 types of plans.

  • Individuals: This is useful for bloggers, students, working professions, new learners.
    Grammarly individual plan starts from $34/month, and if you Billed as a one-time payment for 1 year, the cost is $14/month.
  • Grammarly Teams: It is useful for more than 3 persons. You can start a free trial for this plan. Team plan would start from $12.50/month/member if you billed annually.

You could always try Grammarly for a free version in case if you want to try for testing. If you are a regular Grammarly user and want to use Grammarly premium features, go for the Individual Plan. Like I Did!


Reviews and Comparison:

Grammarly Free vs. Premium vs. Teams:

Free version of Grammarly contains most of the features for the beginner. Grammarly’s premium version contains the Plagiarism checker tool, vocabulary suggestions, Tone adjustment, and Word choice. If you are wondering about Grammarly’s premium version, it detects detailed grammar information and opens with a pop-up box for suggestions.

You can try Grammarly premium for a monthly subscription, Quarterly Subscription, and annual subscription according to your expense and budget.


Grammarly recently introduced a business version. The business version of Grammarly helpful for more than 3 users.

The business version of Grammarly included these features:

  • Admin ad user management
  • Priority of 24/7 email support
  • Centralized Billing
  • Monitoring Tool
  • Price starts from $12.50/month/member

Grammarly recently introduced a business version. The business version of Grammarly helpful for more than 3 users.

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Perfect your grammar with Grammarly: Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing

  • Instant Writing Assistant
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Switch anytime between US English and British English

How Accurate is Grammarly, and How can it help Writers/ Bloggers?

According to the survey, Grammarly has more than 6.9 million daily users. More than 10 million users already installed the extension to their browsers. 85% of Grammarly users are improving their writing skills, and more than 70% of Grammarly users are increasing their grammar skills.

How Grammarly helped me:

  • Repetitive words
  • Grammar Mistake
  • confused prepositions
  • Overuse of Passive voice (negative impact on SEO)
  • Spelling errors
  • Conciseness
  • Common writing skills

Checking on several articles and book chapters, I found out I’ve bad habits of Conciseness, confused prepositions, and repetitive words. Here you can see the mistakes in the pop-up box.

Should you Get Grammarly Premium?

The answer is Yes.

If you are a professional blogger or news writer and working on any News Portfolio channel, you must go with Grammarly Premium for your improvements and not make any mistakes. Not to ask anyone about the grammar, punctuation mark, plagiarism checking, spelling errors. 

If you are a budget writer, install the Grammarly Extension for browser and use it for free. Previously, I’ve used Google search engine to check my contents’ grammar and spelling, which is harrowing work for me.

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Grammarly Refund Policy:

If you don’t like Grammarly Premium and its features, visit the website, contact the support and get your money back without any issue.

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There are many proofreading tools in the market, and I’ve used many tools ProWritingAid, Sapling, Ginger, Whitesmoke, PaperRater. I’ve gone with Grammarly because it is free, and adding the extension is easier for me. Grammarly Extension support Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, Gmail.

aff c?offer id=3&aff id=63188

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