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Facebook Pixel and how it works?


Nowadays Social media is not about like, commenting, and share the stuff. More than 2.9 billion people use Facebook & Instagram as their primary use where 300 million accounts use Facebook stories daily.

Facebook claims 200 million people visit one business profile daily. Around 270 million people in India use Facebook and Instagram for their advertising platform while the USA will be the second-highest country after India with having 210 million people.

Marketers are struggling to get their right customers for their business!!

According to Facebook 84% of marketers track and measure the effectiveness of their strategy but not following the right way to track their customer so they lost their right customer.

Alternatively, Facebook started the “PIXEL” campaign for tracking purpose which is also called Facebook PIXEL or remarketing campaign.

Facebook Pixel:

Facebook pixel is a javascript code that a person put in website to collect data from the website. It can help you to track conversions, optimize ads, build custom audience for your future ads and remarketing also.

Alternatively, facebook pixel is multiple tracking functions. You can get a deep audience insight also.

How Facebook pixel works:

facebook pixel

An advertiser creates an ad for your product through the Facebook Ad Manager account and gives a Sales Page/ Landing page to the customer where the customer reaches the final page of your website. But if a customer not purchasing from your sales page and leaves your website then Facebook retargeting Pixel starts creating lookalike audiences where it shows the conversion tracking ads.

facebook pixel

What an advertiser do?

  • Create a custom audience.
  • Create an audience based on website visitors for retargeting Ads
  • Create lookalike audience report based on your website visitors.
  • Get audience insights report based on website traffic.
  • Optimize for conversions Ads.

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