China's New Gameplay Rules for Kids
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China’s New Gameplay Rules for Kids -Restricted to 90 Minutes a Day


If you are a video game player in China, and under the age of 18, you might be in for some trouble. China’s new gameplay rules have proposed by the government to ban for such players, not allowing them to play games from midnight until 8 am. In order to enforce this, computers and smartphones would be equipped with software to track anyone in violation of this. The software in turn will give gaming companies the ability to identify minors still online, shut them off, or face a penalty with the possibility of being shut down.

China's new gameplay rules

Juvenile crime specialist Hu Faqing believes the 170 million minors in China need the protection and believes the online environment needs to be perfect. Professor Tao Hongkai also discourages gaming, comparing video games to opium. China’s Government though is hoping the ban will at least help the young get healthier by getting some sleep. Show as some games are so big, kids can’t even finish them. Though he never states what game he is talking about. One gaming cafe employee at Beijing, Xiao Qi spoke out, saying how the small warning screens at the bottom aren’t working.

Additionally many actual games have also been banned, such as with Battlefield 4 for “discrediting of China’s national image,” even going so far as to see it as a threat to national security in China. The ban is currently not implemented. But China’s Government plans to try to introduce this in next month’s major political meeting. We will keep you updated should more information become available.

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