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Do you want to fast index on Bing search engine? If you are targetting your website visitor only on BING search engine then this is the most important article for you. BING webmaster tool launched it’s first-ever official plugin for the WordPress users.

This plugin can help you for fast indexing and automatic submission of posts and pages to the BING search console. This plugin ensuring you of your pages and posts are always fresh in Bing search engine.

Why are you targeting BING Search Console?

As we all know Google search engine is the world’s highest search engine for the users and secondly the BING search console is also one of the most popular search engines in some countries. The ratio defines you the same thing: Google Users: 92% BING Users: 3% Yahoo Users: 1.6%

Features of BING Webmaster Tool:

  1. Fast Indexing
  2. Automatic submission URL or Manually submit URL through Plugin
  3. View list of recent URL submission
  4. Download the URL submission report
  5. One time API setup
  6. Submit 10000 URL once

How to install BING webmaster Plugin?

Get started for the BING webmaster Plugin. Go to WordPress Official and download the official plugin or find the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Setup Bing Webmaster API key:

BING Webmaster need one time API key integration. Find BING search console and click sign In. Login through Gmail and sign in. Add your website URL to the Bing Webmaster tool. Find the Setting tab above and click API access. Click on API Key and find your API Key and then COPY it. Paste the API key to the BING Webmaster Plugin section. It’s successful. Now install the Bing Webmaster tool Plugin. It’ll ask you for a 32 digit API Key. Copy from your setting and paste it. After successful submission of API key, you’ll redirect to the following page. You’ll change the setting “Automate URL submission” to enable or disable. Manual URL submission allows you to submit the URL individually. As it clearly visible i have successfully submit 17 URL. If you wish you’ll download it also.  I hope you are learning from this session. If you are facing any issue comment section is for you. Our Latest Blog: Installation of WordPress using CPanel


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