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7 Simple steps to migrate WordPress to AWS Lightsail – Part 1


You probably start your website hosting from a small shared server and as your website grows and visitors come from all around the world it might be a headache for you to maintain the speed and security all in one time. So people start thinking about migrating the site from shared server to cloud or VPS. If you are a WordPress user this is the biggest issue for you to maintain the site speed. Migrate your WordPress site from shared server to AWS is not an easy process for a beginner if you don’t have any knowledge of managing the VPS, Dedicated server. AWS is the best cloud platform to host your website with no downtime. So the question is how to migrate WordPress to AWS Lightsail with simple steps.

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There are many reasons behind migrating WordPress to AWS Lightsail. There 3 reasons for moving to AWS is Speed, Security, no-downtime. Shared server is also a very good option for a beginner to start blogging career with the help of Cpanel. AWS Lightsail helps you with direct installation of WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and popular CMS platforms which is known as “Instance”.

In this article, you’ll learn the ways to migrate the WordPress site to AWS Lightsail using some simple steps. You’ll learn about the advantage and disadvantages of the Shared server and Cloud server.

What is the difference in shared server and cloud server?

All the shared server companies provide you Cpanel to manage your database but in the case of cloud server, you have to manage all your databases on your own. You have good knowledge of installing the Cpanel to your site or manage your site using putty.

What is a shared server?

Shared server allows you to host multiple websites from one server. You’ll have no idea with whom you have shared your server. The shared server has some limits like File Usage, Physical Memory usage. Shared servers are less costly and certain limitations. We’ve added some good key points of advantages and disadvantages of shared server.

Advantage of shared server:

  • Easy setup
  • Very Cheap and cost-effective for New blogger and small business
  • 24/7 support from the hosting company
  • Get Free CPanel
  • If you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can also manage.

Disadvantage shared server:

  • Not getting dedicated IP
  • Additional payment for SSL certificate
  • Very slow if you certainly get heavy traffic
  • If your site loading is very slow, your website may invisible from the search engine.
  • SEO Effect and may rank down
  • Any suspicious activity happens with the parent server, the child server also getting affected.
  • Shared server companies do not guarantee about Uptime. They may promise you for 99.99% Uptime guarantee but they won’t provide you.
  • You are paying the complete amount for one year if you are taking a shared server.

What is AWS Lightsail?

AWS (Amazon Web Server) is a most used cloud server platform to host websites with high speed and no downtime. AWS Lightsail is the best cloud-based platform that offers bloggers, small websites to set up easily. You can choose the monthly based plan that is cost-effective and provides you the security. AWS provides you one Month free trial.

Advantages AWS Lightsail:

  • Get the dedicated IP
  • No-Downtime
  • Create Support Ticket
  • Cost-effective
  • Create Instance (WordPress, Magento, Joomla)
  • Free SSL for lifetime

7 simple steps to migrate WordPress to AWS Lightsail:

  • Create an IP address in AWS Lightsail
  • Create a new WordPress Instance
  • Backup your complete website from the previous WordPress site using All-in-one WP migration or UPDRAFT plus plugin
  • Install the same plugin to your new WordPress site and start to restore your site.
  • Create a DNS zone and add the name server to your domain DNS zone.

If you are planning to start migrating your WordPress site to AWS Lightsail, Please find our next blog.



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