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5 most common HTTP Errors according to Google SERP


Understanding of HTTP Error you need to understand what is web errors when you are visiting the web page. When you are trying to visit a page, you’re met with an HTTP error message that comes with a 404 error, 501 error. Whether you could do any mistake or it may be the site’s fault. Each type of error has its own specific code behind it. But you are most familiar with 404 error and 501 error. Today we are discussing five most common HTTP errors according to Google SERP and briefly discuss behind every error message you’ll found on the server.

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Does HTTP error impact your site?

The answer is yes. Google crawler always try to avoid HTTP errors pages from the visitors. A page that comes with HTTP errors always gives a visitors negative impact and the users immediately leave the page which can cause a bounce rate over the page.

If you are thinking about SEO, it may be a headache for a blogger to find and rectify the error page. There are many SEO tools website which can identify your error page.

5 Most common HTTP Errors according to Google SERP:

1. HTTP error 404 (Not found):

This is the most common error you may found if you are trying to open a website that doesn’t exist. Which means if the website is not existing in the real world. More reason behind this error comes if you are entering any broken URL or wrong URL, you may found 404 error pages. The result you may find as “not found”.

2. HTTP error 403 (Forbidden):

You are unable to visit this page or not permit to visit this site. There are many reasons behind this error, for example, your .htaccess file has some issues or server issues. This is the main reason, you may lose your SEO rank or your site may be disappeared from the Search Engine result page.

3. HTTP error 401 (Authorized access):

The website you are trying to access without valid user ID and password. This error comes with an invalid admin URL or you don’t have admin access credentials.

4. HTTP error 500 (Internal server error):

If you are unable to handle the traffic or your website visitors certainly increasing then you’ll found internal server error. This means your server unable to handle the request due to increasing the visitors. This is good news for you. You don’t have to worry about it. To avoid this problem, you can upgrade your server.

5. HTTP error 504 (Gateway Timeout):

This error only comes if you have a poor internet connection. The result is the Gateway timeout. As 504 errors are a network issue, try to reloading the page can provide you a solution.

There are many other errors you may find over SERP. We’ve added 5 most common HTTP errors according to the Google SERP.

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