Apple’s Lockdown Mode explained | New iOS feature

The newly updated mobile operating system comes with a first-of-its-kind security mode that was designed to save you from commercial spyware attacks.

If you are an iPhone user and want some better protection from spyware attacks, then you must update your iPhone to new iOS 16. The feature was announced back in July by Apple as a response to an increasing number of reports about spyware attacks aimed at iPhone users. The feature is called “Lockdown Mode”.

Apple launched Lockdown specifically for users who had been subject to attacks, but with the release of its new mobile operating system, Apple has now been made Lockdown accessible to everyone

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How Lockdown Mode works:

Lockdown blocks most types of attachments in iMessage (which are commonly used for cyberattacks). It blocks wired connections to computers or other devices, and thwarts incoming invitations if the user has not previously scheduled them with you. In some cases, various types of code are also blocked from running on the device.

When Apple first launched the feature, they stressed that it was considered an “extreme, optional level of security for the very few.” If you’re wondering whether you qualify, you probably don’t. Still, it’s a nice feature to have, and it’s great that Apple was thoughtful enough to expand access to everybody.

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