How Can Staffing Firms Benefit With An Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a suite of recruitment software tools that automatically collects and organizes the applicants and candidate information. The application then screens all incoming applications, and the recruiters need to concentrate on the applicants that are a good fit for the job requirements and make the optimal use of their precious time. An Applicant Tracking System uses a centralized database to streamline the entire recruitment process from end to end. Below are a few benefits that an ATS brings to staffing organizations.

Streamlined Recruitment

ATS makes the entire recruitment process easy to oversee and perform with a streamlined approach between consecutive activities. The HR department can easily manage and review a large volume of applications in only a few hours, which would usually take several days, thanks to an ATS’s streamlined approach. It aids staffing firms in completing the hiring process in a timely and efficient manner. Candidates that accept employment offers will be immediately guided through the onboarding process and will be able to complete all relevant documents quickly.

Improved Quality of Candidates

By creating and executing minimum qualification requirements, an Applicant Tracking System identifies the best-suited individuals for the job and automatically screens out the unqualified candidates. Recruiting the best individuals based on their job experience, talents, personality and recognizing potential sources of friction will enhance the possibility that the company will be satisfied with the recruits, resulting in a higher employee retention rate. Once a candidate has been hired, you can easily integrate their information into the HR-Employee system.

Easy Job Board Postings

With only a few clicks, an applicant tracking software (ATS) may automatically post your job openings on many major job boards as well as your website’s career page. The analytics from each of these job boards will be collected by an automated ATS, representing it all together with the required analytics. These job boards will drive a lot of traffic to your job openings while also saving precious time and financial expenditure on recruitment marketing.

Reference to a user-friendly Applicant Tracking System:

TrackTalents will efficiently and effortlessly manage your hiring journey from Job Postings, Resume Management, Communication Management, Onboarding, Timesheets, Invoicing, Payroll, Reporting, and integrations with VMS, Career Portals, QuickBooks, Outlook, etc.

Schedule InterviewsAutomatically

It’s a busy and time-consuming process to contact each prospect and schedule their interviews. It frequently causes a great deal of uncertainty, as well as the occasional, unavoidable scheduling disaster. ATS can relieve the HR department of this effort by automatically producing and sending customized emails to the shortlisted candidates. You can use ATS’s value-added automatic services to collect interview feedback and rate candidates in addition to scheduling interviews

Comprehensive and Enhanced Reporting

After a position is posted, an Applicant Tracking System collects data to assess the effectiveness of different job boards, examines other social platforms’ efficiency, and then delivers accurate real-time reports. This technique might help you improve your company’s inadequacies by recognizing the flaws.

Security and Compliance

It is vital to emphasize data security since most consumers are concerned that this automated procedure using recruitment software may endanger their privacy. To manage data in accordance with compliance rules, the ATS must have a user-friendly interface, secured connectivity, and a secure cloud-based database.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity), and OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) have established standards to avoid undesirable risks and data security breaches.


Enhance Employer Brand Value

An ATS is essential for delivering a modern, efficient, well-organized, and engaging recruitment process. It allows you to communicate with candidates quickly and efficiently at every stage of the recruitment process, keeping their interest in your company alive throughout the process. This applicant-centric characteristic sets you out from the competition, strengthens your employer brand, and improves the candidate experience.

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