Reasons to Appreciate Applicant Tracking System Software

One of the biggest concerns of recruiting managers is to hire the best talent for their company! Wrong recruitment can cause a lot of financial loss to the company and even ruin its impression.

Considering the workload of hiring managers, it is evident that they make mistakes. Besides, they have to work with several tools and software throughout the hiring process, complicating the task. That’s where the need to purchase an ATS arises. ATS streamlines the recruiting process by automating the recruiting tasks and cutting down the time and cost of hiring.

There are various benefits of using an ATS in a company. Still, if you are not sure whether to buy an ATS or not, below are some factors that’ll make you appreciate Applicant Tracking Software.

Reasons to Appreciate ATS

Applicant Tracking System is far better than manual hiring. It saves valuable time and cost of hiring and even boosts the productivity of the recruiters. Regardless of the company size, an ATS can assist in recruiting potential candidates faster and efficiently. That said, let’s check out the top reasons to switch to an ATS.

It’s Automated and Quick

Recruiters have to spend hours to post a job, screen candidates, review their profiles, and conduct interviews. This process also involves several repetitive tasks. However, modern ATS tracking systems automate all the mundane hiring activities so that HR has to deal with the important tasks only.

ATS also schedules and tracks all the recruiting events ensuring that the entire process completes smoothly. Applicant Tracking Systems have single-click integrations with all the hiring tools. So, the recruiters don’t have to waste their time by visiting multiple platforms.

How to choose the right Applicant Tracking System and ATS costing?

ATS is Intuitive

Usually, people think that dealing with technology and software is the job of tech-geeks! But that’s not true in the case of ATS. One of the best parts of using recruiting software is its sleek and intuitive interface. Companies don’t need to conduct special training to learn ATS in most cases. Hence, recruiters from a non-technical background can get their hands working on this tool within minutes!

Reference to a user-friendly Applicant Tracking System:

TrackTalents will efficiently and effortlessly manage your hiring journey from Job Postings, Resume Management, Communication Management, Onboarding, Timesheets, Invoicing, Payroll, Reporting, and integrations with VMS, Career Portals, QuickBooks, Outlook, etc.

Boosts the Productivity of the Recruiter

Earlier, recruiters had to spend hours or several days to complete a single stage in the recruiting cycle. It reduced the productivity level of hiring managers. However, by switching to an ATS, the productivity level of the recruiters will increase tremendously. That’s because the recruiters will then be responsible for carrying out the critical tasks while the ATS will get the repetitive ones done!

Again, recruiters can search and access all the necessary information regarding the job and applicants in a single place. That means no need to spend energy switching between multiple tools and software to hire talent.

Provides Analytics

One of the most significant ways to measure the success of the recruiting process is by analyzing the reports. Companies should check the performance of the recruiters and applicants throughout the hiring process. It helps understand the response of job seekers towards a particular position in the company. It also provides reports to track the finances spent and improve the performance.

Improves Candidate Experience

Nowadays, it is equally important for companies to give the candidates a good experience throughout the recruiting process. ATS provides functionalities for recruiters to easily communicate with the candidates through integrated mailing systems. Further, when candidates get a good experience, it leaves a good impression about the company in the market.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! As discussed above, using Applicant Tracking System Software in companies makes it quicker and easier for recruiters to hire qualified candidates. It also leaves an excellent impression on the candidate. If you want to improve your recruiting process, there can be no better option than getting a good ATS!


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