How Much Do Applicant Tracking Systems Cost?

The price of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a crucialelement,and the decision-makers should consider it before buying it. Some software vendors are quite open about their pricing information, making it availablefor anyone on their website. In contrast, others prefer to offer a specialized price quote on request based on the specific buyer requirements.

Now let us discuss the different vendor pricing models in greater detail and the various types of costs involved in purchasing ATS software in the USA.

Applicant Tracking System workflow/process:

Now let us discuss the different vendor pricing models in greater detail and the various types of costs involved in purchasing ATS software in the USA.

  • Pay Per Recruiter: The Pay Per Recruiter model charges based on the number of recruiters and hiring managers availing administrative access to the software. It is generally a monthly charge, which may vary for each user, ranging between $60 to $100 per user/per month.
  • Pay Per Opening: Some vendors will set their prices based on the number of job openingsposted each month. There is no restraint on the number of applications you can have or any restrictions on the number of users who can access the software. This model is averagely priced at $5 to $19 per job opening/per month or $0.01 to $0.20 per application/per month.
  • Pay Per Employee: Some ATS vendors charge based on your employee count, irrespectiveof the number of users you seek access to the software. The price ranges here are from $4 to $7.
  • One Time Payment: Some vendors sell ATS’s that can be purchased with a single, one-time payment, and with that, you can avail of the services of the software forever. These are generallyon-premise hosted ATS solutions, where the data is hosted on the client’s server. It is the most expensive pricing model and would cost you a minimum of $200 at the very lowest.
  • Pay Per Module: This pricing model is offered by vendors that provide a unified Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) solution and asks clients to buy the whole suite or purchase individual modules as per their preference. These ATS’s generally do not integrate with other HRMS solutions.
  • Free To Use: If you have in-house software programming expertise available to you, then you can download free and open-source software and use it without spending a penny. You must have an in-house software programming expert with adequate know-how of the software to resolve any troubleshooting that surfaces, as you won’t get any tech support from outside in this case.

The majority of the features and services are a part of the original ATS software packages in the USA of the pricing models mentioned above.Still, for some others, the vendors may charge you separately. It is recommended to get this clarified and understand the method of payment that the vendor accepts before purchasing the ATS software.

Some of the best Applicant Tracking Software in the USA that you can consider purchasing are, ApplicantStack, Bamboo HR, Bull Horn, Breezy HR, CEIPAL, TalentHire, HiringThing, JazzHR, Jobdiva, Oorwin, PCRecruiter, Recruiterflow, TrackTalents,Workable, Zoho Recruit, etc.

Reference to a user-friendly Applicant Tracking System:

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