How an Applicant Tracking System can Improve your Hiring?

It is essential to hire the best possible candidates who have the skills, dedication, and willingness to work for your company’s growth. Hiring is an important but a lengthy, complicated process, so to simplify it you need the services of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS automates key aspects of the recruitment process, assembles data at one centralized location for it to be easily accessible and tracked, and provides a significantly enhanced hiring experience.

Let us explore the ways in which an HR applicant tracking software like the ATS, can improve the quality of hiring in your company.

Candidate Pool Hiring:

Digging out old applicants who narrowly missed out on working with you can be taxing, time consuming, and an inefficient exercise, regardless of whether you keep paper records or store it in your email or online document storage. These candidates are important because they had previously shown interest to work with you, and also had decent skills. An ATS creates a unique candidate profile of each applicant and stores them in a centralized database for future hiring scenarios, without you having to take the job boards route again.

Workflow Replication:

An ATS has the capability to emulate your already established company workflow. You can setup your previously followed hiring pattern into your ATS, and assign tasks to the teams in-charge of the respective tasks through automated internal communication.

Candidate Tracking

Using an ATS keep a tab on the status of your job openings and the status of the applicants participating in the recruitment process. Get an insight into the positions each candidatehas applied for, the currentstanding of the candidates in your recruitment workflow, alongside at-a-glance overview and the ability to evaluate a specific job position or a candidate’s performance.

Candidate Filtering:

Save yourself crucial time and energy by filtering out applicants that do not meet your hiring standards. Set-up pre-defined questionnaire with an ATS consisting of a combination of general queries, along with aptitude and critical thinking questions to determine each candidate’s potential and mind-set. Opting for this exercise at the very beginning of the recruitment process ensures that you only deal with those candidates who are likely to fit your work culture, during the interviews.

Hiring Experience:

Whether it is the simplification of the job application process for the candidates, regular engagement with the candidates, or for that matter setting up a new hire onto their onboarding and training in no time due to the seamless candidate data transfer from the employer’s servers to the newly recruited candidate’s profile, an ATS at all stages ensures a pleasant, hassle free hiring experience for all involved.

Reference to a user-friendly Applicant Tracking System:

TrackTalents will efficiently and effortlessly manage your hiring journey from Job Postings, Resume Management, Communication Management, Onboarding, Timesheets, Invoicing, Payroll, Reporting, and integrations with VMS, Career Portals, QuickBooks, Outlook, etc.

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