Pros and cons of using video interviews for recruitment

Many recruitment companies use Video Interviews to accelerate their entire hiring process, set up online interviews, and video conferencing.

In this era of tech & get a race, we are busy exploring the extremities of sit, tap, work method, and we have almost forgotten to handle effectively or manage a cruise.

(Here we are lightning upon a few advancements & issues that modern tec. has brought to us.) The witty touch of excellent human works has made our lives easier, but this has undoubtedly buried our employees and interns’ confidence, managing, confronting, etc., power/abilities.

Opening online platforms for Video interviews and getting into the work field has created a high demand for digital sites &which has also helped reduce the unemployment rate. So, these new changes in the worshiper are helping to develop way and proving to get more successful.

As technology has intertwined almost all the aspects of human life, the employment sector is no different. Earlier also, the online interview process was quite prevalent, but due to the current covid 19 pandemic, there has been an enormous shift to this platform. Like every coin, it has two sides. The measure benefit of using the online flat form – requirement process includes easy access and conducting the process of video interviews, less expenditure on conducting the video interview, which benefits the company.

Another measure advantage is that candidates living in remote areas can be communicated by just the internet, which helps the company attract a prominent tool of candidates for the hiring process, which benefits the companies as it helps them expand their reach and brand value. The panel that conducts the interviews saved a lot of time they would have utilized to conduct the interviews in person.

Drawbacks of Video Interviews

The hearing teamwork as a coordinated body makes the process more effective and helps for sort listing suitable candidates effectively as it involves a structured video interview. The candidate feels stressed, less pressurize and more confident during the interview. 

Many adversities come with the use of technology. Not every candidate has the resources and access to internet connectivity for appearing the interviews. In addition, the network problem in various localities affects the video quality, and interruptions often happen during the online discussion.

The measure drawback is the candidates lack a personal touch with the members of the hearing committee. It makes them less prepared and more laid back for the interview. Many candidates find it stressful how to use technology in the perfect process. There is a high chance of online fraud by fake companies, which hampers the candidate carrier.

Modern time demands modern solutions to conduct the video interviews in a time-efficient and high-reach manner. In my opinion, online discussions have more significant advantages that make them highly suitable for the requirement process, thereby saving a lot of time, expenditure and giving extensive opportunities to candidates who seek a job.

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