5 best tools available to summarize web page content

Are there any online Summarizer tools available to check Web Page content? Use these Text Summarizer tools for shorten contents, create Plagiarism free contents.

Have you ever thought that why social media apps are so much popular? Is it due to the fun people getting from there?

The answer may be “YES” but the one more thing that is making social media more attractive is the short messages.

Instagram and Twitter are the most famous social media apps till now because people convey messages in short form there.

That means people tell the summary of an incident on these applications and cover the whole topic in few lines.

This thing is also liked by the reader as he can get the whole information in a short time and message.

The same is in the case of the newspaper where the headline tells the detail of the whole content written in it. That means the headline is a summary of that whole news.

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People are more interested in reading the summary instead of reading the whole content of any topic.

So, the question is how one can generate the best summary to engage the users? Let’s discuss it first.

How to generate the best summary?

The best summary is one that contains powerful words. One has to deliver a short message in the most influential way.

This is not an easy task as one has to read the whole content and then generate the best lines from it to convey the message.

It is also necessary that a person who is summarizing the content has good knowledge about the topic so he can deliver the message in the most prominent way.

In online business, there is a long list of competitors who have unique and extraordinary content.

So, one has to make his content different from them to make their web page ranked and authoritative.

This is a long and time taking process and a person can’t generate unique ideas every time to compete with his competitors.

To avoid this challenge, he can use the online summarizing tools that can help him to produce a unique summary in less time.

Working of summarize tools

The working of all summarizing tools is very simple and they are all easy to use. A user just has to follow some steps and he can produce the best summary.

  1. After opening the website user has two options to place his content in the summarizing box.
  2. He can paste the content in the box or browse the file there directly.
  3. After this, he just has to click the summarize button and it will instantly generate the summary of the content.
  4. A user can copy that content and use it where he wants.

The summary generated by summarizing tools is more understanding and readable.

These tools are AI-based that read the content thoroughly and pick the best lines from there.

Best summary generators

To save the time of people and to increasing their work efficiency, there are several tools introduced till now.

All of these online tools are performing the same task but some of these tools are paid and some are free to use.

Moreover, there is a little difference in the features in every tool. Here we will discuss the best 5 summarizing tools.

These tools can help to rank the web page through the unique content generated by it.

1. Prepostseo.com

Talking about the best summarizing tools, you can’t forget this tool as it is the best in terms of generating a summary.

This tool sums up the long text into a short one and makes it easily understandable for the readers. It can convert 4-5 paragraphs into a single paragraph in no time with just one click.

The text summarizer provides several features for free to the users but for the extra features like unlimited word count, users can buy get the premium plans.

Most effective features that this tool provides to the users and engage them are

Bullets: Bullets can make the thing more understanding and easier to read. This tool helps the users in this sense.

The tool generates the summary in bullet points that makes the content easily readable.

Best lines: The AI used in the tool picks the best lines from the content and makes it more attractive.

The best lines describe the whole story of content in a single frame that makes the user comfortable.

Usable for everyone: Everyone can use this amazing tool as the interphase of this tool is very simple.

Bloggers, students, teachers, journalists, and writers, everyone can avail of the facilities provided by this summarizer.

2. Summarizingtool.net

This tool is the best summarizing tool and the name of this tool describes its functionality.

This text summarizer doesn’t demand any registration or signup before its usage. It is free to use and user can avail of all the features in free.


This is the best thing about this tool as the user can summarize the unlimited text in a single time without any payment.

Some of the best features that make this tool different from the other tools are.

Different languages: This tool provides the facility to multiple languages in it. So, a user can upload or download files in any language.

This AI summarizer can easily understand the language or can convert a content into different language by itself.

Compatible everywhere: The best feature of this tool is that it is compatible with every device and browser.

Either one is using mobile or laptop, he can access this tool with great ease and can open it on multiple browsers.

Unlimited text: If someone is getting the facility to summarize content with unlimited words in it, then why he will reject this offer.

This feature forces the users to use this tool as they get their summarized data free without any delay.

3. Tools4noobs.com

This text summarizer is free and the user can generate the result by using filters.

The accuracy of this tool is the plus point of this tool. The user gets the result same according to the provided material.

It doesn’t lose the main concept of the content and makes the best summary that can help to make the web page fully optimized.

Some of the key features that outstand this tool from the others are:

Accuracy: As told earlier, this tool is very accurate and efficient. It performs the task in less time with 100% accuracy.

A user just has to insert his data in the box and he will get a unique summary of his content that will engage the readers.

Fast workflow: The working of this tool is very fast and a user can take the results instantly after pasting the data.

The advanced algorithm used in this tool makes the workflow fast and accurate.

4. Domyhomework.net

This tool is also leading the chart and is lying among the top text summarizers due to the features added to it.

Everyone skims the data while studying and loves to read the lines from which he can get his answers.


One can easily make the summary of his content without any cost and can even change the length of the summary manually.

The best key points that make this tool reliable to use are:

Secure: Privacy is the priority of everyone. Data is the property of a user and he wants to keep his data safe and secure.

This tool ensures the users in this term as it doesn’t share the data of its user with any other party.

Saves the time: Every online tool is designed with a technique that can save the user’s time.

But the working speed of this tool is faster than other online tools that keep it among the best.

Set summary length: A user can set the length of the summary while pasting the content in the box.

He can increase or decrease the summary length according to his need and can drag the best content out from the content.

5. Standoutessay.com

Just like its name, this tool also stands out due to its performance in terms of summarizing content.

Due to its brilliant attributes, this tool competes with the top text summarizers and gives them a tough time in every feature.

The best thing is that this tool is free to use. So, the users prefer to use this tool over the others due to this feature.

Let’s talk about the best things that keep this tool in the top line

Condense the words: Sometimes a person writes wordy content that leaves a bad impact on the reader.

So, this text summarizer helps to keep the data simple with condensed words that can hit the right audience with the right words.

Remove the grammatical errors: This tool keeps the data simple and easily understandable.

It also removes the grammatical mistakes from the content and makes it best for SEO optimization.

Takes out the main points: The AI used in this tool reads the whole content and understands it.

After that, it takes out the main point of the content that can explain the whole content in a single line and can save the time of a reader.

Final words

To optimize your web page and to make the content error-free, these summarizing tools can be really helpful for the users.

Everyone can take the facilities from these tools and perform his long tasks in a short time.

To save time and effort and making the best summary of content while making the long texts short, these text summarizers can be very supportive.

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