Why should SMS texting be an essential part of your recruiting process?

Mobile phones are something that almost everyone has, and in all likelihood, it’s within their arm’s reach. So the use of SMS texting by recruiters and HR professionals to acquire top talent for Recruitment is an effective and low-cost way of communication. Let us understand why SMS texting is an essential part of your recruiting process and your policies while using it to hire.

Policies of Using SMS texting for Recruitment

Keep your texts professional. Avoid grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, slang, and incomplete sentences. It would be best if you strictly restricted your text to the Recruitment alone. Never include anything personal, but always mention your and your company’s name, along with the job title in every SMS, so that the recipient recognizes you every time, even if they haven’t saved your contact information during the first instance.

Don’t use SMS texting if you have a long message to communicate. Instead, please send an e-mail to the candidate for such communication and notify them via text messaging so your e-mail does not go unnoticed or unread.

Be mindful of the time of texting, and stick to the business hours of weekdays. Although, if you manage to get a prior nod from the potential candidate to text them beyond the usual hours or outside the weekdays, you certainly can communicate with them at those times.
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Importance of SMS Texting In Recruitment

Communicate Quicker

Gathering and forwarding of real-time information are quicker through SMS texting. You can communicate more quickly with short text messages than with e-mails. You can even automate the texting process with automated hiring software like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which allows you to have several SMS templates available for various recruitment chat scenarios.

Convenience and Flexibility

SMS’s are short and don’t take much time or effort to type. They can even reach a candidate without any internet connectivity. You can pass on the relevant information to the candidates or clients at a suitable time, without bothering them with a phone call during business hours. The recipient doesn’t have to deal with unexpected phone calls, and you can mutually fix a suitable time for a telephonic conversation via texting if needed.

Developing Relationships

Add a personal touch through well-crafted text messages to both the candidates and clients. You can provide relevant information that might be helpful to the candidates in advance when are scheduling an interview and encourage them with confidence-boosting messages. You can educate your clients about the candidates they are going to meet and remind them of the dates and timings of the meetings.


Candidates are generally apprehensive of their current colleagues knowing about them looking for a new job, as it could jeopardize their careers with their current employers. Using SMS texting, you can message your candidates and clients directly and privately without the apprehension of it being seen by any individual other than the intended recipient. It even allows them to save your contact information under a pseudonym to avoid any suspicion from anyone. As for the clients, if they want to keep a particular role confidential not to attract any undue attention from others, you can extensively use SMS texting to communicate and coordinate throughout the talent recruitment process.

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