How to Choose the Best ATS for your Staffing Industry

How to choose the right ATS for your staffing Industry? Know the Pros and Cons of Applicant Tracking System before investing in to staffing software.

The Applicant Tracking System functions through an application interface that can send job opportunities and email campaigns to applicants that are potential employees, current employees, and the general public. It has a relational database, usually in the Cloud, ensuring that all applicants and employees are assigned unique login credentials.The data is secured with a high level of security and encryption.

Applicant Tracking System workflow/process:

The job posting process works by gathering information from various sources and then comparing that information with the enrolment records of the company. The database stores the data for further reference. It is a great way to cut down on time and money spent on creating and printing forms.

Candidate service agents (CSRs) are responsible for getting the word out to potential candidates and assist current employees. They can customize documents and information for Asked Questions, Forms Listing, Character Limits, and posting guidelines to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Said agents also receive daily or hourly updates for errors, if any.

The CSR then forwards the completed form to the HR department for approval. Upon approval, the applicant gets scheduled for an interview. These completed forms are uploaded into a database for further review by the HR and Payroll department.

The applicant tracking system can also interface with other organizational functions to ensure a seamless flow of data. These could be payment collection, INS/employee Social Security, Cost Allocation, Billing, Salaries, others, etc. These functions are too numerous to mention here, as they effectively streamline the entire recruiting process. The ATS also consolidates all data into a single database for easy access by concerned personnel and improved data accuracy.

Over the years, ATS improves performance significantly. The application users can access a broad range of features to optimize the functioning of their recruiting programs, such as tracking responses by candidates, detecting duplicate responses, accessing a candidate’s resume or portfolio through candidates, and customizing forms and templates. These have a wide range of interfaces and are pretty easy to install and use.

The downside of ATS Companies:

Due to the current market trend and the escalation in prices related to software products, especially applicant tracking system, many find it unsuitable for their budget based on their usage and activities. This is a downside because of the prices rising in recent years and has many starters trying to get started with a free ATS as it is an attractive option for them. If you are not satisfied with the free software and its limited features, it is advisable to go for the paid version. Switching to a paid ATS with a complete suite of features would be beneficial in the long term.

It is an excellent idea to compare different application tracking software and their features and prices and find the best one that suits your budget in such a scenario.

It is a good practice to look out for customer reviews when purchasing any software tool. It would allow you to assess your chances of getting a good one through the best and most reasonable prices. You can also rely on other users’ opinions, which can also help you find good tools at an affordable price.

Reference to a user-friendly Applicant Tracking System:

TrackTalents will efficiently and effortlessly manage your hiring journey from Job Postings, Resume Management, Communication Management, Onboarding, Timesheets, Invoicing, Payroll, Reporting, and integrations with VMS, Career Portals, QuickBooks, Outlook, etc.


You can search for software retailers offering free trials and go ahead and sign up with one of them. These offer you good practice for a free trial period that enables you to test the software with the features for a reasonable time.

With this tool on hand, you will never have to go through a hiring process without a job or experience the crushing effects of an unorganized work schedule. You can also ensure that you will record all information clearly and correctly for the long-term retention of important information.

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