iCloud Private Relay, What is this? Is it the new VPN by Apple?

Apple announced iCloud+ at WWDC 2021 where one of the key features was the “iCloud Private Relay”. In this article, we will discuss this in detail.¬†

What is iCloud Private Relay?

This is the latest privacy-friendly addition to enhance the privacy of the user while using a browser to browse something on the web. This works on Dual-Hop Architecture to send the traffic from your iPhone. With the Dual-Hop Architecture, all the web traffic that goes from your phone will be encrypted and sent through two internet relays.

No, its not a VPN.


The first relay will assign an anonymous IP address, the second relay decrypts the web address and it will take to the users to the destination. It uses the Inbound Proxy and Outbound Proxy concept where the Inbound Proxy will be responsible for accepting the connections from the internet and it will make sure that the other servers won’t access your IP address and it will encrypt your internet traffic. The Outbound Proxy will relay back to the internet and it will prevent Inbound Proxy from seeing the website you will visit.

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