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10 Things to Do after every new Installing WordPress


You just installed WordPress and you are new in WordPress industry. You’re in a good company, almost 40% of the web is powered by WordPress. Start making Blog sites, small business sites, eCommerce stores using WordPress. To get started over WordPress we’re here to help you. Here are the 10 things to do after every New installing WordPress.

1. Think About the Solid Backup:

First and Formost, you should think about a solid WordPress backup strategy. Website backup is an insurance policy for the work you’ve put to creating a site. You’ll find many backup plugins in the WordPress plugin directories. We’ll recommend 2 of the best plugins for the backup “All In One WP Migration” and “Backupbuddy” to backup your site’s database and files easily.

All in One WP migration is a manual backup plugin to take the backup every time when you need it and BackupBuddy is the automatic plugin to take scheduled backups easy and restore it to your WordPress without pain.

2. Start Majoring about the Important Security updates:

WordPress sites are often targeted by hackers and bots to exploit some common settings. As we recommended you for the manual setup of a WordPress site and learn how to set up WordPress using CPanel.

Here are some tips to secure your WordPress site:

  • Change your admin panel link. The default link opens with wp-admin.
  • Install SSL certificate ASAP.
  • Enforces strong passwords for all user account.
  • Install Plugins only if they are recommended by WordPress official.
  • Automatically locks out bad users after too many failed login attempts. Using Limit Login Attempt help you to provide you extra solution.

3. Choosing a best Theme:

Choosing a best theme is the only way to attract your visitors. Before starting any website you must know about how to choose a perfect theme for your business. A WordPress theme must have the integration of every small part which is really needful for your site. Social Media integration, contact form, choosing good page builder, SEO plugin, sliders are the major part before choosing any theme.

4. Delete unused contents:

Your default WordPress installation preloaded with default contents like “Hello world!” or if you’re installing a premium theme, it’ll accompany default contents, videos, images, blogs, comments. Don’t forget to replace it before launching your WordPress site.

5. Combat Spam:

Spam comments can be a pain for you. We recommended you to install Akismet plugin to avoid the spamming content. Without this plugin, you’ll get a lot of spam emails and comments. Akismet plugin can avoid the spam comments.

6. Optimize your Site’s SEO:

Make sure your site can be easily found online. Setting up your site SEO friendly and make it easily visible is the main concern of SEO. The only technique to get more traffic to your site is SEO. We recommended you to install the best SEO plugins to your site. We recommended you go for RANK MATH or Yoast SEO if you are a beginner.

7. Change your site Title, Tagline, Logo, Favicon:

By default, your WordPress site comes with it’s not “just another WordPress site”. As your site is unique and your tagline may not change automatically. You need to change your site title and tagline in the “Customize” section. This is the only setting where you can change your site title, tagline, logo and favicon. If your brand already has a tagline then this is the perfect place to add or leave it blank. Adding the brand title and tagline to your site is the only way to tell search engine pages for crawling. This is the only setting where you can change your site title, tagline, logo and favicon. If your brand already has a tagline then this is the perfect place to add or leave it blank. Adding the brand title and tagline to your site is the only way to tell search engine pages for crawling.

8. Set up a Contact Form:

Adding a contact form is the only way to connect with the customer. Make it simple for people to communicate with you if they have any questions or suggestions. You’ll find many contact form plugins in the WordPress plugin directories and choosing the best contact form plugin is not very difficult. Start adding the Contact Form if you still don’t. You can add Recaptcha as well, to make sure you’re being contacted by real humans. Related Article: Best Contact Form Plugin

9. Don’t Forget about WordPress Setting:

WordPress gives you a ton of settings options, so make sure you would’ve good knowledge about the setting. General – Here you can add the Admin Email address for the reset of the password. Change your time zone and site language is also an important part. Permalink setting – Here you can change your post type setting. Permalink setting is the most important part of SEO if you are a blogger. Changing frequently permalinks may affect your SEO.

10. Start Tracking your Website with analytics and Seach console:

Adding your site to the search engine pages using webmaster tools or search console and tracking your site’s analytics is an important part in admin view. You can check your website crawling report and site detail analytic report here. Google analytics offers you the real-time tracking report country wise, age basis, gender basis, and device report. Congrats you enter into the 2nd Part of WordPress Learning and this is the important topic if you are a beginner. If you are still having any issues, the comment section is open for you.


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